News Archive

March 2021

We welcome new graduate researchers Xuehan Xu from the BMCDB graduate group and Rodrigo Del Rio from the IGG graduate group.

February 2021

Congratulations to our undergraduate researchers Kiya Jackson and Ana Armenta Vega! They presented their research at the NSF CAMP Symposium. Kiya was awarded a Special Merit Award in Life Sciences and Ana was awarded a Honorable Mention in the Life Sciences category.

February 2021

We welcome new undergraduate researcher Cameron Vasquez to our lab. Cameron is a participant of the NIH ADNR program and a NPB major.

January 2021

We welcome new graduate researcher Hayley Sheehy from the IGG graduate group.

November 2020

Our paper describing the regulation of TIMELESS function in circadian rhythms by phosphorylation has been published in Current Biology. First author is graduate student Yao Cai. [html]

October 2020

We welcome new postdoctoral scientist Gary Chow and undergraduate researcher Zita (Yi) Gao to the lab. Gary recently completed his Ph.D. in Chemistry at UC Davis. Zita is a transfer student majoring in Genetics and Genomics.

October 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Nitrol (Xianhui) Liu on completing her Ph.D. in Entomology! Nitrol will be staying with us as a postdoctoral scientist.

July 2020

We welcome postdoctoral fellow Sergio I. Hidalgo Sotelo from Chile.

July 2020

We welcome our new Junior Specialist Maribel Anguiano. Maribel graduated with a B.S. in Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior from UC Davis in 2019. She is currently an NIH PREP Scholar.

June 2020

We welcome new undergraduates Ana Armenta Vega and Megan Fung to our lab. Ana is a participant of the NIH ADNR program and Megan is a transfer student majoring in Biotechnology.

June 2020

Our paper describing mechanisms that enable Drosophila to sense photoperiod and temperature to regulate seasonal physiology has been published in PNAS. First author is postdoctoral fellow Antoine Abrieux. [html] [press release].

June 2020

Congratulations to our undergraduates Dominik Aylard, Wenqi (Ailsa) Song, and Cindy Truong on receiving their B.S. from UC Davis. Dominik will be pursuing his Ph.D. in UC Berkeley and Ailsa will be pursuing her M.S. in Stanford. Cindy has kindly agreed to stay with us a little longer as a Junior Specialist.

May 2020

Graduate student Yao Cai presented his work on CK2-dependent phoshorylation of TIMELESS protein at the SRBR virtual conference and received an SRBR Excellence award.

March 2020

We welcome new undergraduate researcher Kiya Jackson to the lab. Kiya is a participant of the Research Scholars Program in Insect Biology (RSPIB) and NSF LSAMP/CAMP.

October 2019

We welcome new undergraduate researcher Flynn Atallah to the lab. Flynn is a second year student majoring in Genetics and Genomics.

November 2019

Our two collaborative PLOS Genetics papers with Yong Zhang's lab (University of Nevada Reno) describing mechanisms of animal circadian regulation have been published.

June 2019

Congratulations to our undergraduate researcher Cindy Truong on receiving the Provost's Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

March 2019

Tuta absoluta genome and SNP genotyping paper has been published!

Jan 2019

Our PLOS Genetics paper describing the impact of PERIOD O-GlcNAcylation on circadian clock function just came out!

Dec 2018

Our paper on the role of Casein Kinase 1alpha in regulating circadian clock function has been published in Journal of Neuroscience.

Dec 2018

Congratulations to our undergraduate researcher Dominik Aylard on receiving the Provost's Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

November 2018

Our undergraduate researchers Chris Ochoa and Dominik Aylard attended ABRCMS and each received a Poster Presentation Award.

Summer 2018

Congratulations to our graduate students Ying Li, Vu Lam, and Adam Contreras on successfully completing their PhDs!

June 2018

Congratulations to our undergraduate researcher Christopher Ochoa on receiving the Provost's Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

June 2016

Katherine Murphy (Research Specialist) and Rosanna Kwok (PhD student) will be leaving this June and pursuing a research career in biotech industry. We will miss them both, and we wish them the best.

June 2016

Congrats to our graduating undergraduate researchers Pedro Gutierrez Tamayo, Daphne Hsieh, Ran Bi, and Jessica West.

May 2016

Our undergraduate researcher, Jessica West, has been awarded the College of Biological Sciences Medal. In addition, she has been awarded the Chancellor's Award for Research Excellence and a citation for Outstanding Performance in Research. Congratulations!! Jessica is graduating this June and will be moving to Cornell for graduate school in biochemistry.

May 2016

Our undergraduate researcher, Juan Marcucci, has been named a NIH BSHARP Scholar. Congrats!

November 2015

Jessica West received the ESA Presidents's runner-up award for her presentation on Spotted Wing Drosophila seasonal biology at the ESA meeting in Minneapolis.

June 2015

Rosanna Kwok is a NIH T32 predoctoral fellow for 2015-16, and her first "first-author" paper has been accepted for publication in PLoS Genetics. Congrats!

June 2015

Our graduate student Adam Contreras has been awarded an NIH/NIDDK F31 for the next 3 years. Our UG researcher Christine Tabuloc is graduating, but she has decided to stay with us as a technician (Lucky us....)

May 2015

Our undergraduate research assistant, Jessica West, has been named a NIH/NIGMS BSHARP scholar. Pedro Tamayo-Gutierrez received a Provost's Undergraduate Fellowship.

December 2014

Our UG researcher Jessica West received the UC President's Global Food Initiative Student Fellowship.

October 2014

We welcome a new graduate student, Xianhui Liu (Nitrol), to our lab this Fall. She received a fellowship from the China Scholarship Council to pursue graduate studies in the U.S.

July 2014

Rosanna Kwok received the Bill Hazeltine Research Award, and Ying Li and Vu Lam received Jastro Graduate Research Fellowships. Congrats!

June 2014

Jonathan Diehl graduated with a M.S. in BMCDB and returned to his home state Washington to become a high school teacher. Jonny is going to make a fantastic teacher. No question about it!!

June 2014

Our new graduate student from the BMCDB graduate group, Adam Contreras, has been awarded an NIH T32 (MCB) predoctoral training grant. Rosanna Kwok, a second year graduate student, has also been honored with a Biotech predoctoral training grant from the DEB program.

June 2014

Our undergraduate research assistant, Jessica West, received a McBeth memorial scholarship, a Provost's Undergraduate Fellowship, a Regents Scholarship, and has been accepted into the BUSP Honors program. Congrats!

May 2014

Katie Murphy has been awarded a Citation for Outstanding Performance from the College of Biological Sciences for academic excellence and for her independent research. Congratulations!

May 2014

Vu Lam and Rosanna Kwok (graduate students) both received travel awards to attend the Society on Research of Biological Rhythms Conference in Montana (June 2014) based on scientific merit of their submitted conference abstracts.

April 2014

Katie Murphy just presented her research at the UCD annual undergraduate research conference.

Christine Tabuloc presented her "Insect circadian clock Oh-My! Box" to visitors of the Bohart Museum during the UCD Picnic Day.

December 2013

Congratulations to Katherine Murphy! She was awarded the Provost's Undergraduate Research Fellowship.

November 2013

Rosanna presented her first talk at the ESA conference in Austin, Texas, AND received the ESA President's runner-up award.

October 2013

Our manuscript describing the Spotted Wing Drosophila genome has been published. Go check out the genome web portal.

May 2013

Rosanna, Vu, and Katie have been awarded the McBeth Memorial Scholarship (2013-2014) for their research. In addition Rosanna and Vu also received the Jastro Research Award (2013-2014).

March 2013

Congratulations to our research assistant Soyeon Baik for her admission to the graduate program at UC Irvine and to our undergraduate research assistant Diana Teng for her admission to UCSF's Masters Entry Program in Nursing. Anna Lei, who has been with us for more than 2 years as an UG research assistant, is graduating from UCD and moving on to the Deisseroth lab at Stanford University as a lab manager.